Australia is fresh out of orphans, apparently

by Caleb Reading


PARENTS of babies born since midnight will be holding their newborn bundles today and counting their blessings – and their $3000.[…]
The maternity payment, which is given to everyone regardless of income, will jump to $4000 for babies born from July 1, 2006, and $5000 from July 1, 2008.

The first of the babies to earn the bonus lump sums for their parents began arriving at hospitals overnight.

The [Australian] Federal Government’s new maternity bonus gives $3000 to each baby born from today, July 1, $6000 for twins and $9000 for triplets.

This just ticks me off on so many levels. Where are the lump sums for people who adopt one of the millions of neglected children already in this world? Why give a cash prize of taxpayer freakin’ money to anyone just because they bred? How about someone on fertility treatments who births 5 severely ill kids who need millions of dollars of government-subsidized health treatments; are you going to give them the reward cash for each suffering kid? If parenthood is so wonderful and life-fulfilling why would you have to get a cash incentive at all?