by Caleb Reading

Via The Houston Chronicle:

AUSTIN — Two high school health textbooks that passed the initial state review process earlier this month now are being criticized for being so focused on abstinence that they fail to include state-mandated information on contraception.
For example, Holt, Rinehart and Winston’s “Lifetime Health” lists 10 steps for students to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. The use of latex condoms is not one of them. Students are advised, however, to get plenty of rest.
“I found it to be very lacking in an important respect in a state that has a very high out-of-wedlock teenage birth rate,” said Kaye, a lawyer who volunteers in his grandchildren’s elementary school in Frisco.

Texas has the nation’s highest teen birth rate, according to the National Vital Statistics Report, based on 2002 data.

“But mom, I don’t know how I could have gotten herpes.  I took a nap afterwards!”