Father of the year

by Caleb Reading

Via democratandchronicle:

The father of two of the four children, Rodney Evers Sr., also was ordered to have no more children until he can care for them. He said the couple has struggled for years to find work and shelter and both have admitted in court to abusing drugs and alcohol.

Evers, an admitted cocaine addict who stays periodically at the House of Mercy shelter for the homeless, described O’Connor’s judgment as demeaning.

“I can’t abide by something like that,” said Evers, 54, his gaunt face and graying goatee shaded by a baseball cap. “I know for a fact that God said ‘be fruitful and multiply.’ This is telling me I have to be celibate. Man cannot play God.”

Yeah, I’m sure the god thingy would rather you and your prostitute drug addict girlfriend make more kids you have no intention of ever taking care of. How moral of you. Oh, you’ve already made four with a fifth on the way? Wow. I don’t have any kids, so you must be, like, totally more christian than me.