You had a litter of white babies? Here’s your award.

by Caleb Reading

Via yahoo:

LITTLE ROCK. Ark. – With her 14 children in tow and pregnant with her 15th, Michelle Duggar waddled into Arkansas’ Capitol on Wednesday to accept the state’s Young Mother award.

“We’re going from diapers right up to driver’s ed,” she said with a smile.

Duggar, 37, who home schools her children and is helping build a new home from the ground up, started having her babies when she was 21, four years after she married former state Rep. Bob Duggar.

“We’re letting the Lord give us the gifts that he wants to give us and I’m open to more gifts,” she said. “I’ll take them one at a time or two at a time.”

Why the hell are they honoring her with a State award? (Well, her husband was a representative, is probably the real reason.) Why is getting knocked up 15 times a good thing? Now, if she had adopted 15 kids, honor her in spades. But she didn’t. As far as my opinion goes, a person who adopts and raises even 1 child well is far more deserving of honor than a person who creates 15 kids when I freakin’ know there are several children in the Arkansas foster care system who need a good home.