Don’t ask, don’t tell . . . you know what, just don’t ever speak at all. Just tapdance for us.

by Caleb Reading

Via the LA Times:

Gay teacher marries long-time partner in San Francisco.

Co-workers congratulate him.

Another teacher at the school tells her students about it.

Word travels quickly and the teacher’s students ask him if it’s true.

He does not lie.

Students give him a standing ovation.

But a few weeks later, parent David Maddux, who does not have a child in Fanelle’s class, brought up the matter at the March 4 school board meeting, which was televised on local cable TV.

Guess who is being “investigated” for letting the children know he’s gay? No, it’s not the teacher who told the students about the co-worker’s gay wedding. No, it’s not the busybody who announced it on local cable TV. Nope, it’s the gay guy, for simply answering a question honestly. Yeah, what a terrible role model. Honesty in the class room? Dangerous.