I’m so pissed I could stab an owl

by Caleb Reading

A woman on Title XIX (otherwise known as Medicaid, as in welfare) came into the store for her birth control. She had to pay about $25 out of pocket because Title XIX wouldn’t cover it. A guy came in later the same day with a prescription for 6 Viagra. Title XIX covered it. His copay was $3. The taxpayers have to cover the rest: $90.

Just great. Someone on Title XIX can get $93 worth of boner pills for three bucks but if someone on welfare doesn’t want to get pregnant with welfare babies they’ll just have to cough up the twenty-something dollars a month. Because apparently men on welfare have to be able to have sex but women on welfare should either not have sex ever or get pregnant with more welfare kids. Wonderful.



It’s been almost 9 months — no, she didn’t just have a baby — and I thought I’d do a followup.  The Title XIX policy has seemed to change since then. Since the first of the year we haven’t had trouble getting some sort of birth control to go through for anyone, but Title XIX hasn’t been paying for Viagra except when the diagnosis code is paraplegia or quadraplegia, and even then they only pay for one or two pills each month. It seems Title XIX is slowly improving its priorities at least.