“Oh, I just try to ignore it.”

by Caleb Reading

I was at work earlier today (at a drugstore) counting pills in a hurry because it was rush hour and several people were waiting. And there’s this awful, unceasing whistling noise, but I can’t see anyone over the counter where the whistling is coming from and I’m too busy to go look for the source. Several people (employees and customers both) are getting the “ouch, my ears” look on their faces, and glancing at each other sympathetically. After about 5 minutes (yes, five minutes) of this obnoxious whistling, I find out where it’s coming from when the whistling noise moves toward the cash register. Next to the lady checking out is her (I would guess) seven year old daughter, who is whistling as she exhales, then whistling some more as she inhales. An older gentleman standing near the register steps closer and says “I see she learned how to whistle.”

The lady waves her hand and says in that oh-poor-me-I’m-a-martyr voice, “Oh, I just try to ignore it.” So the kid does this rude crap all the time? And you let her do it in public all the time? How about you try, just for once, to tell the kid, “Stop that. It’s rude.” I bet your daughter would be so happy you’re finally paying attention to her that she’ll actually stop that infernal whistling.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a bad parent ignore rude behavior with an, “Oh, I just try to ignore it” I’d be rolling naked in twenties right now.