Feed her to wolves and sterilize the father(s)

by Caleb Reading


This is the second time (at least) this 21-year-old woman has abandoned her four children to fend for themselves (the oldest is only five years old). [And why weren’t they taken away permanently the first time she endangered them?]

A few neighbors told News2Houston that the mother was a good person and that they are surprised by the allegations, but not too surprised because they said that she is 21 years old and perhaps a little bit overwhelmed with four young children.

GAH! No, she isn’t a good person. Those kids could have died, been kidnapped, burnt to death in a fire, etc. If she’s a good person, why are they “not too surprised” with what she did? Being “overwhelmed” is not an excuse to abuse kids. She could have given them up for adoption or, oh, call me crazy, maybe NOT HAD FOUR KIDS BEFORE HER 21st BIRTHDAY!