Sterilize these people with rusty nails and sell their kids to the circus.

by Caleb Reading

This couple and their EIGHTEEN kids got a Habitat for Humanity house just three years ago, and it’s already been condemned. And does anyone else see a contridiction in these two statements?

“The kitchen’s totally destroyed. Every room is destroyed, holes in the wall, doors torn off, graffiti all over the walls. Two bathrooms totally destroyed,” said code enforcement officer William Fiorini.

“All I can say is I’m sorry. I can’t account for why it was condemned like that. It’s not like my kids are bad kids. If you have some kind of damage in the house it’s not because of the damage. It’s more a financial problem,” said Smith.

Yeah, cause you know good kids spray graffiti all over the walls of a newly built house all the time. And what the hell does “If you have some kind of damage in the house it’s not because of the damage” mean? This jerk should write political speeches.

This is what really bothers me though: irresponsible adults can get away with significantly more bad behavior if they have kids. Example:

The director of Habitat for Humanity in Lackawanna County calls the situation frustrating, but he vows to help the Smiths again. “Oh definitely. We’re sticking with them. We’re no hypocrite. We’re not going to take a family. We’re a Christian organization. A family of 18 children and say you had you’re chance you’re homeless now, no. We’ll stick with them,”

If they hadn’t crapped out 18 kids they couldn’t take care of or control on their own, they would be just 2 more homeless adults nobody cares about because childless, reproductively-responsible people are second-class citizens to these charity organizations.