Idiot politician

by Caleb Reading

In Brazil, the amount of federal funding your town receives is tied to your town’s population. More people mean more money for the town, and more money for the Mayor to manage and spend on the town’s behalf.
[. . .]
He needed more babies, and he needed them as soon as possible. To accomplish that, he did two things: he passed a ban on any kind of contraceptive device or substance, and then he launched a campaign called, “The Mayor’s Viagra”.

People could get as much of the drug as they wanted, for free, courtesy of his very own bank account.
[. . .]
It was revolutionary and very controversial, and the long-term results remain to be seen. Brazil has the dubious distinction of drowning on poverty, so the move to create more children who cannot be properly cared for, clothed and fed was not met with sweetness and light by all who heard the idea.

The level of poverty there is brutal; abandoned children roam in packs like animals, looking for food or for anything they can use to get an inhalant high.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid. Not just stupid: cruel. Nice to know how willing that mayor is to have suffering abandoned children in the streets just so he can get more money from the headcount.

I hope people who don’t want to be forced into procreating start leaving the city in droves.