Adventureland Retirement

by Caleb Reading

I just picked up yesterday’s Des Moines register. This article made the front page of the metro section (slow news day in Iowa as always):

“Retired people live and work at Adventureland”

I couldn’t find it at the website, so I’ll just type up a little.

“About 250 people [. . .] parked their recreational vehicles at Adventureland Park’s campground this summer to do seasonal jobs.
Some operate roller coasters. Others help serve cotton candy or funnel cakes. A few staff the games at which children win cute knickknacks or where lovers try for the biggest stuffed teddy bears.”

“Adventureland has hired work campers for about a decade, but their numbers have exploded in the past two years” [Note: 250 of the 900 jobs this summer]

“‘With the unemployment rate where it is, it’s difficult to come up with that number of summer workers. [. . .] They have strong work ethics and they’re not afraid to talk to people.'”

“$6 to $6.50 and hour. Retired doctors, police and dentists are among those on the park’s work camper roster.”

“members of each campsite must have a combined [emphasis min] schedule of at least 32 hours of work [per week]. They pay $100 or less a month, compared with regular camp fees of about $22 a night. The fees include electricity and water expenses.” [Note: there are 317 campsites.]

Article by Jason Clayworth, 7/30/01