More Stupidity

by Caleb Reading

So powerful is the fear by Los Angeles high school administrators that were they to select a single valedictorian for a school, it would hurt other students’ feelings, that Granada Hills High had 44 valedictorians this year, Chatsworth High 31, Cleveland High 20, Monroe High 17 and North Hollywood High 10, according to a New Times Los Angeles report in July. Said one dissenting teacher, sarcastically: “If one person got very, very good grades and was singled out as valedictorian, we might be saying they are better than other kids. And we can’t have that.”
[New Times Los Angeles, 7-5-01]

According to the annual report on estimated accidents in the home, from Britain’s Department of Trade and Industry and detailed in a June issue of New Scientist, three dozen people were sent to the hospital for injuries associated with teapot covers; about 165 for injuries from placemats, about 330 from toilet-paper holders, and about 13,000 from vegetables. However, sponge-related accidents fell from 996 the previous year to 787, and only 329 injuries from meat cleavers were reported.
[New Scientist, 6-9-01]