More government hijinks

by Caleb Reading

my favorites:

* The San Diego City Council has banned the word “minority” from city documents and discussions, arguing that the word is disparaging. No word yet on what they propose to call council members who do not vote with the majority.

* In response to an Internet campaign urging Aussies to list their religion as “Jedi” on the census — on the grounds that if enough people do this, the government will allegedly have to recognize the Star Wars order as a legitimate religion — the Australian government has warned citizens that providing false information on the census is a crime. But how will they prove someone isn’t really a Jedi?

* Chinese customs officials have confiscated 16,000 copies of a book of photographs of Bill Clinton with world leaders and famous personalities. Seems that one of the photos shows him shaking hands with the Dalai Lama.

* A British court has found Steven Thoburn guilty of selling bananas by the pound; he now faces a fine of up to $1,500 for each offense. Under European Community rules, all goods except draft beer must be sold in metric measures

Even more idiocy: